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Performance Specifications

All performance specifications stated, including but not limited to, pump-down rates and vacuum levels make the following assumptions:

  • The Vacuum Chamber is empty.
  • The Vacuum Chamber and other system components are clean and dry.
  • The System is being operated at Sea Level
  • The ambient temperature is 18°C +/- 2°C
  • All system components, including those not supplied by Abbess, are appropriate for the system and are functioning properly.
  • The specifications are not impacted by the properties of your product.

If you require performance specifications for conditions other than those listed above, it is vital that you make this known to Abbess Instruments in writing.  Generally Abbess Instruments recommends choosing chamber and pumping system qualities capable of achieving a theoretical vacuum at least an order of magnitude better than the desired operational vacuum. 

It is to be noted that a specification described as '10-5 Torr' is a range, and means the clean, empty, dry chamber system is capable of reaching some undetermined value between 1.0x10-5 and 9.9x10-5 Torr: The (clean, empty, dry) chamber is deemed compliant whether its As-Built base vacuum is 1.0x10-5 Torr or 9.9x10-5 Torr. It does not mean that the chamber is guaranteed to reach every level within that range.

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Degassing Kits

Abbess Vacuum Degassing Systems serve a range of industries, all faced with the same challenges of environmental contamination and gas entrapment in curing compounds. Abbess Vacuum Degassing Systems serve to improve process and end product working with epoxies, urethanes, resins, silicone rubber, adhesive mixes, castings, plaster, compounds used in jewelry, sculptures, medical and electrical components. Raw compounds or the components of a mixture can be mixed before or during degassing by employing Abbess Vacuum Mixing Systems, scaled from bench top small batch systems to drum chambers sized to accommodate 55 gallon drums. Mixer motors of various torque and speed and accompanying thermal platen systems help meet the challenges of working with the most demanding materials.

Technical article: Vacuum Degassing, Mixing, Molding, and Micro-Bead Dispensing.

>> To make sure your product has an airtight seal, see our Package Leak Testing kits.

>> To greatly improve the degassing operation of all materials, see our Mixing systems.

>> For dispensing/filling a systematically degassed material into a product, see either our FillingXY Robotics Dispensing or Multichamber systems.

Vacuum Degassing:

Featured Products:

24 inch Cube, Standard Vacuum Chamber

Our standard vacuum chamber is a 24 inch Cube, 24" high x 24" deep x 24" wide, a practical production size for use in vacuum degassing of liquids, plastics resins, and epoxies.

Economy Vacuum Chambers

This bench top sized vacuum chamber is designed to be a rugged production or testing unit. Some of our customers find this to be a practical size (11inch dia by 6, 12 or 20inch deep) for use in vacuum degassing small batches of resins, epoxies,other liquids, or filling molds and other containers under vacuum.

High Vacuum Acrylic Bell Chamber

This Thermal Vacuum Chamber System allows items placed inside to be contained in a high vacuum environment to facilitate customer process production requirements . The entire thermal vacuum chamber system can be controlled manually, by starting/stopping the pump(s) and opening/closing valves. 

Basic In Stock Cube Vacuum Chambers For Immediate Shipment

These vacuum chambers are in-stock housemade chambers ready for immediate shipment. Next day service available.

Vacuum Oven Systems Overview

Dry high-value inventory in our manual or automatic, data-logged or not, single or multi-chambered, Vacuum Oven systems.

Vacuum Mixing & Casting System with PC Based Controller

Complete with vacuum regulation and motor Start/stop contactor

Vacuum Degassing and Oil Fill System

This double-chambered, semi-automated vacuum system allows for degas and Fill processing. (Thumbnail shown with analog VCC) 

Bell Jar replacement, Vacuum Chamber, No Glass

A heavy Acrylic vacuum chamber on a metal base plate, 11 inch, 15 inch, 24 diameters by 6,12 or 20 inch high

Complete Production Grade Degassing System

11 inch or 15 inch diameter by 6,12 or 20 inch deep vacuum chamber with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valves, and gauge

Vacuum Chamber for Degassing on a Cart

11 inch or 15 inch diameter by 6,12, 20, 24, 36 inch deep vacuum chamber with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valves, and gauge

Low Cost - Complete Vacuum Desiccator or Degassing Chamber Kits

2 sizes of vacuum chambers with hose, vacuum pump, fittings, valve, and gauge